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Camp Cherith of Western New York
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Why Camp Cherith?

Camp Cherith of WNY is accredited annually by the American Camp Association (ACA) which is considered to be the leading accrediting organization in camping. CCWNY chooses to be a part of this process because of our desire to offer safe, high quality programs for your children.

Health and Safety

Our counselors, Division Directors and activity leaders who all work closely with campers are chosen because of their genuine Christian faith, emotional maturity, and ability to place campers' needs ahead of personal desires. All staff members are carefully selected and go through a pre-screening process that is conducted with “real time” criminal history records.

Camp Cherith offers a wide variety of age appropriate activities for campers to choose from to participate in all week. While taking activities, our goal is to let campers experience being outdoors as much as possible. Most activities are designed to offer a progression of skills so that campers can enhance their knowledge and rise to a new skill level in that activity.

List of Activities

Each camper is unique and special to us and it is our goal for each one to experience personal growth. We provide opportunities that enable growth as a whole person:

1) Inward as our program strives to develop character qualities, increase confidence and deepen self worth.

2) Outward as they relate to others in camp through responsible and cooperative small group living.

3) Upward with many daily opportunities to grow spiritually through personal quiet time, small group Bible studies and evening campfire messages.

List of Goals

ALL my friends know this is the best place on EARTH!!! We drive 6 hours to get there, I feel very strongly that this is a very special place. My daughter talks non-stop about her Camp Cherith experiences and cannot wait for her next time there !!! The adults (staff) are very carefully selected, creating an amazing group of role models and a fabulous group to positively influence our children. In today's world we need all the positive influences we can for our children. And lastly, the food is served family style, well balanced and tastes great!!! -Ellen; Staff

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Non-stop FUN and learning for campers ages 7-17!

Campfires every evening!

Christ In Every Aspect Of Life

Enjoy Camp Cherith!
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